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Mobile Learning Workshops

Community Development Society 46th Annual International Conference

July 19-22, 2015
Hilton Lexington Downtown
Lexington, Kentucky


Monday, July 20

MLW #1 - Lexington LGBTQ: A History of the Wild and Wonderful - $25

Spend four fascinating hours learning about Lexington's infamous sexual past, its history of slavery, and race relations and how the LGBTQ community adds to the vibrancy and sustainability of the community.  Dr. Jonathan Coleman, a Kentucky Historian, will lead an interactive walking tour in downtown that is specific to Lexington's LGBTQ and drag history and will end at the historic Kentucky Theater. Here Bob Morgan, a guerilla artist and Lexington drag queen in the 70s, will host a slide show of photographs: gender benders of famous and unknown Kentuckians dating back to the civil war era.The final two hours of this tour allows participants to engage in a series of interactive breakout sessions focusing on various LGBTQ issues for community developers.

MLW #2 - Horse Assisted Communities: How Horses Give Back - $30

In the horse capital of the world, horses make a distinct economic contribution through racing and breeding– but are they affecting other underlying aspects of the local community? A 4-hour tour will allow participants to explore the lesser known side of horse culture in Lexington, beginning with a field trip to the Makers Mark Secretariat Center where off-the-track thoroughbred race horses get retrained for their new careers. Then visit their neighbors next door at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH) to discover how therapeutic riding and Equine Assisted Learning both heal and educate local veterans and high school students. This tour will finish up with an in-depth discussion with experts and volunteers about the variety of ways the community is impacted by these programs.

MLW #3 - Social Enterprise on the Rise  - $25

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commerical strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders" (Wikipedia). Social Enterprise on the Rise is a four hour mobile workshop that gives participants a firsthand look at the many ways social enterprise organizations can and do impact a community. It starts with a tour of Opportunities for Work and Learning (OWL), whose mission is to “educate and equip individuals with barriers to employment to reach their vocational goals”, and finishes up with a tour of the Plantory – a social enterprise incubator under one roof known as “The Bread Box”. A discussion with leaders in the local social enterprise movement, hosted by UK’s Community Innovations Lab located at the Plantory, will finish out this workshop. Come find out more about the challenges many social enterprises face and how they too overcome the barriers to their goals of serving their communities. 

MLW #4 - Paint Your Town Red: The Challenges and Rewards of Mural Art in a Community - $25

This mobile workshop will take participants on a four hour bus tour through different Lexington neighborhoods chronicling the history of the mural movement.  Local experts will share the challenges and tensions that artists, neighborhoods and city governments face when moving towards the creation of public and private art projects. The tour will end in the Distillery District, a newly emerging arts and entertainment district in downtown, at a local brewery to discuss how communities can better vaccinate themselves against brain drain and economic stagnation by deliberately developing an art’s focused culture.

MLW #5 - Bicycling’s Contributions to Community Wellness - $25

This mobile workshop will explore how investing in cycling revitalizes and re-humanizes urban infrastructure while fostering personal and community wellness, entrepreneurialism and connect diverse communities together through city wide and county wide trail systems. Participants will meet with local bicycling proponents, tour and learn about Broke Spoke’s work to reduce and eliminate economic barriers to bicycle ownership and maintenance through a volunteer-run community bike shop. After the tour an hour long discussion will assist you in learning from local city officials about what it takes in the way of resources, vision and patience, to develop bike trail systems in a community. Then it’s your chance to bike or take a Sprocket Jockey Pedicab Ride** through horse country on the Legacy Trail.  **Only four pedicabs available

MLW #6 - How Community Engagement Impact Our Shared Spaces: Lexington's East End Neighborhood - $25

This three hour bus tour of the East End of Lexington will focus on various aspects of the built environment and the role of community participation in the development and redevelopment of those spaces. Participants will hear about the challenges and successes of engagement in areas such as healthy food access, the arts, education and commerical and housing redevelopment, from those community members who have led efforts through this East End Renaissance. This tour is sponsored by the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

MLW #7  - Seed, Glean, and Harvest - $35

Food efforts encourage eating fresh and local but simultaneously recognize the transformative and healing power of growing, making, and conserving food sources.  Growers, harvesters, gleaners, food preparers and educators are joining forces to alter the food landscape in Lexington. Witness the transformation transpiring in Lexington on this four hour tour exploring Lexington’s innovative food movement.Visit a fish farm downtown that raises fish on hops from a local brewery and in turn provides the fish supply for a local fish restaurant.  Enjoy lunch dining on the fresh fish.  Hear from students and administrators at a school that turned down government food subsidies and instead created their own program that has students feeding other students.  Come have a snack at a domestic violence shelter that removes women from harm, but also has women in the garden growing produce and flowers available for retail sale.  Hear from community change makers who are making sure healthy food options are available across the city for residents of all social classes.  

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