2013 Conference

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July 20-23, 2014
Dubuque, Iowa
2013 Conference
Beyond the Boundaries: Creating Innovation
Through Regional Collaboration

July 21-24, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Francis Marion Hotel

The CDS International Annual Conference took place July 21-24, in Charleston, SC, and was an event that community developers from around the world are still talking about!
  Harry Crissy, Bo Beaulieu, Dave Lamie, Sharon Gulick
Maritime Center-crop
 Dinner at the Maritime Center
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 Congratulations to Yolanda Surrency, First Place, Poster Presentations
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 The 2013 Conference featured 30 poster presentations.  Kudos to our winners!
 Anne Silvis, John Green, Paul Lachapelle, and 2012-13 CDS President Sharon Gulick

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CDS 2013 Conference Presentations:

4 Streets in Glasgow

A Model of Public-Private Educational Collaboration for Community Develoment

A Story About Storytelling:  Questions as Catalysts in Stimulating Community Change

A Study of the Spatial Distribution of Suicide Rates

A University and Community Create a Sense of Place Together in Macon, Georgia

Alter-Identities: Developing Community Leaders Through Cultural Immersion

An Alternative Lens - Rethinking (Re)development Strategies within Two Low-income Chicago Neighborhoods

Asset Building: A Means to Ameliorate Intergenerational Poverty: Opportunities and Challenges in the Mississippi Delta

Asset Building - Table 1 Demographics of Respondents

Asset Building Table 2 Poverty Measures in Eleven Alluvial Mississippi Delta Counties - 2010

Building a Regional Economic Development Blueprint:  Challenges, Strategies and Impacts of the SET Program

Building on Each Other’s Strengths: Regional Neighborhood Collaboration in Cincinnati, OH

Building Regional Networking Capacity through Leadership Development: The Case of Leadership Northwest Missouri

Buy Local: Regional Empowerment for a Stronger Southern Illinois

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Challenges and Opportunities for Providing Quality Health Care for Newcomers: A Healthcare Provider Perspective

Commitment to Community Practice Among Students: Contributing Factors

Communities First!  Poverty Reduction Hub

Community Collaboration . . . A World Conversation

Community Food System Bibliography Update

Community Needs Health Assessment

Community Leadership Motivation:  Motivational Desires that Influence Community Development Leaders Holding Leadership Roles in Rural Communities

Connections and Opportunities in the Midwest Regional Food System: Using Secondary Data to Identify Links between Public Health and Agricultural Production 

Creating Appalachian Economic Development via Crowdsourcing for Travelers and Tourists

Creating Civic Engagement Capacity to Address Water Quality

Crossing Boundaries for Health Improvement

Cycling through Poverty: An Application of Participatory Action Research

Distributed Renewable Energy System Education for Business: An Ohio Public/Private Partnership Model

Do Community Development Initiatives Move the Needle?

Economic Development Collaboration and Capacity Building in Rural Communities and Regions

Enhancing the Capacity to Manage

Entrepreneurship for Local Communities in a Global Economy

Exploring a Social Healing Model for Restorative Development to  Address Poverty in the Southern Black Belt

Extension Local/Regional Food System Development

Factors Leading to Small Business Bank Lending

Farm Friendly Handout

Financial and Community Capacity -Building among Beginning Latino Farmers and Ranchers in Missouri and Nebraska

First Impressions: An Effective Approach for Community Development

Fostering Regional Resilience through Citizen-driven University Partnerships

Georgia Initiative for Community Housing:  A Community Development Partnership

Graphic Facilitation: Transforming Group Process with the Power of Visual Listening

GrowFood Carolina:  South Carolina's First Local Food Hub

Happiness, Well-Being, and Community Development

How Can Community Development Practitioners Respond to Postmodernism?

International Community Development:  A Land-Grant University Perspective

Is Your Town Farm-Friendly?

Learning to Be Green:  Preparing for Work in a Changing Economy

Leveraging Stronger Economies in West Central Ohio

Lifting Spirits, Changing Lives:  Reflections on the Utility of Community-Based Research from the Grassroots

Live Lively LaSalle!  Join the Challenge of Healthier Living

Local and Regional Change Teams:  Factors Influencing Success

Localizing the Appalachian Economy from the Inside Out

Looking back at 5 Years of Economic Impact Programming

Measuring Community Development:  Moving Beyond Jobs and Investment

Measuring Success in Communities: The Community Capitals Framework

Measuring Economic Impact of Local Airport Businesses:  UW-Extension supports a unique economic niche in the community

NorthWERD:  A New Promise for Regional Education

Organizing for Regional Collaboration in Economic and Community Development

Preparing Citizen Scholars for Community Collaboration

Preparing Entrepreneurship Service Organizations to Better Serve Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Case of Competition THRIVE

Protection of the Food Supply:  Farm to Table

Reaching Sustainable Goals through Regional Collaboration and Innovation:  The Story of Kent, Ohio

ReadyCommunity:  A Collaborative Community Based Approach to Disaster Management

Refining Best Practices through Lessons Learned: Case Studies of International Community Development Projects

Regional Collaboration for Natural Heritage Tourism on the Lower Mississippi River

Regional Collaboration for Watershed Management:  Challenges in the Heartland

Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships:  Fostering Regional Resistence through Citizen-driven Partnerships

Relating Differences in Regional Planning to Results in West Virginia

Revisiting University-Community Partnerships:  Community Development and Engagement

Right Sizing Infrastructure in Legacy (Shrinking) Cities:  Using the Community Capitals Framework to Model Regional Solutions to Infrastructure Challenges in the Context of Deindustrialization

Rural Community Development: The Case for Nature-Based Tourism Development 

"Say Cheeze"  Viability of Heritage-based Agricultural Cluster Economies

Shaping Our Future:  How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want

Snake River Boat Builders Export Initiative

Socio-Legal Partnerships:  A Case Study Focused on Community Food and Nutrition Resourcefulness

South Carolina's Creative Arts Cluster:  A Catalyst for Economic Development

Spawning Creativity and Innovation Through the Arts

Stronger Economies Together (SET) in a StrikeForce Suit

Student Philanthropy: Creating Regional and Community Stewards at the Collegiate Level

Sustainable Economies

Sustainable Rural Tourism Development in the Southeastern United States: Examples from the Coast, Piedmont and Mountains

Sustainable Long-term Community Development within the Creative Economy

The Arts as Drivers of Regional Economic Viability

The Power of Place: An Intergenerational Model of Youth Leadership Development in Appalachian Ohio

The Role of Asset Building Strategies in Community Development: Stories of Successes and Impediments

Theorizing Innovation and Regional Collaboration

Thriving Local Economy:  Localization Framework and Peoples’ Understanding of It

TIF Manual - Municipal Tax Increment Financing

Unlocking Public Value:  An Evaluation of the Impact of Missouri’s Great Northwest Day at the Capitol Program

Us and Them:  The Importance of Language in Creating a Shared Vision of Change

Using TIFs in Rural Communities

What If We Could See Satisfaction: A Qualitative Approach to Indicators of Community Satisfaction

Who Makes Community Change for Whom?  The Lived Experience of Civic Leadership by Citizens in a Midwestern Rural Community

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