Plenary Speakers

Tawanna Black

Fueling the Path to Economic Inclusion and Shared Prosperity.

Tawanna Black, Founder & CEO of the Center for Economic Inclusion based in St.Paul, Minnesota, USA, will join us in Missouri as the keynote speaker on Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

She is a nationally recognized thought leader well known for influencing, inspiring and equipping cross-sector leaders to transform a personal conviction for equality into actions that produce equitable and thriving communities.

Ms. Black has led the Northside Funders Group since 2013, a place-based, collective impact organization of 20 corporate, community and private foundations, and public-sector investors committed to aligning investments and strategies to catalyze racial and economic equity in North Minneapolis.

In 2018 she launched the Center for Economic Inclusion, an unprecedented cross-sector social enterprise committed to strengthening the Minneapolis-St. Paul region’s civic infrastructure and collective capacity to disrupt systems and influence market forces to catalyze shared prosperity and advance an inclusive economy.

This plenary session will focus on how the Center works to align investments in human capital, economic development, transit and access to ensure that all residents, especially those who have been historically excluded, have the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the economic prosperity of the region. Ms. Black will discuss the Center's efforts, along with their strategic partners, to develop and curate a set of economic inclusion measures and goals to complement the 2019 MSP Regional Indicators Dashboard.

Center for Economic Inclusion

Chet W. Sisk

Futurist/Author Chet W. Sisk is the founder of Universal Basic Resources – an organization dedicated to providing technological resources to community groups around the world. He is also a partner with the International Institute of Inspiration Economy.

Chet W. Sisk is one of the world’s most sought-after futurists on the subject of the current world paradigm shift. Chet has spoken in 24 different countries as well as presented at the United Nations via the Friendship Ambassadors in 2015 and in 2018 on AI, change and how to prepare for a different world. He specializes in helping organizations, individuals as well as entrepreneurs and innovators understand the foundational change of this time. He focuses on five major elements of this transformation - climate change, technological evolution, as-a-service business models, global communication between humans and the rise of connectedness as a new world aesthetic. He is the author of several books on personal and corporate transformation.

Chet is a graduate from the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale School of Journalism and a Fellow with the Walter Kaitz Foundation in Corporate Media Management.

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Practical Wisdom for a Better World

David Campbell, Ron Hustedde, Paul Lachapelle, Michael Rios, Anne Silvis, Kim Walker

The opening plenary session (Monday) of the 50th anniversary celebration and 2019 CDS conference will warmly welcome you and challenge us to "learn, listen, critique, and speak" about how our work is succeeding (or failing) in creating a better world. Together, we will spend an energized 90 minutes (with break midway) merging our collective practical wisdom with provocative questions and co-creativity. Stay tuned for pre-conference opportunities to bring your voice and ideas forward.