For as long as there is music and those who faithfully dance, there will always be a need for the Godmother of House Music: DJ Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale. Detroit’s first female House music DJ plays dancefloor bangers, and orchestral melodies with live music.

The name “Hotwaxx” has been deeply embedded in Detroit’s dance scene in clubs ‘Cheeks’, ‘The Warehouse’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Studio 54’, ‘Grasshopper Underground’, ‘Populux’, ‘Menjo’s’, ‘Heaven’, ‘TV Bar’ and more since 1989. Her international presence includes performing in London, Ibiza, Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, and across the USA in New York at the famous Apollo Theatre, Soul Camp in California, including Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles; Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Stacey Hale was a mainstay on the radio stations in the mid to late 80s, including WLBS, WHYT, WDRQ and WJLB, winning the Motor City Mix contest 10k prize. Stacey has been featured on numerous Internet radio shows and is currently featured on





Published: Monday, 18 June 2018 07:50