The CDS Endowment was created to provide an ongoing stream of resources to support services for our members and professional development in the community development field, including scholarships, conference programs, diversity initiatives, student involvement, and educational materials.

Your donation to the Endowment's Unrestricted Fund or one of the designated funds below is a contribution to the continued success of the Community Development Society.

Inquire about how to donate here.


  • Educational Materials Fund: Support for the production of educational materials to advance the mission of the CDS (e.g. electronic documents, monographs, books, videos).
  • Diversity Fund: Support for initiatives that increase awareness around diversity issues within the community development profession and that foster inclusion of a diversity of cultural perspectives in the CDS and the community development process.
  • Scholarship Fund: Support for student or non-student CDS members to attend the CDS annual international conference.
  • Nette Nelson Travel Scholarship Fund: Support for CDS members who wish to participate in a community development conference outside the member's home continent by presenting a paper or giving a major address.
  • George Nickolaus CD Graduate Student Award: Support for graduate students enrolled in programs emphasizing community development at universities in the United States.
  • Ted Bradshaw Fund: Support for undergraduate and/or graduate students who need travel support in order to participate in the CDS annual international conference.
  • Annual International Conference Fund: Support for the annual international conference (e.g. for providing outstanding plenary speakers and presenters, and defraying conference costs for local grassroots leaders and CD volunteers).
  • Unrestricted Fund: Other financial support for activities to advance the mission of the CDS.


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