Special Awards


Special Awards 

From time to time, the Community Development Sciety offers special, one-time awards to individuals or projects in recognition of their unique contributions to the field or organization, or as part of a partnership or collaboration with other organizations.

There are no special awards being offered in 2018


Special Awards Recipients:

Joint National Association of Community Development Professionals and Community Development Society Award

  • 2017 Ripple Effect Mapping Team:
    • Scott Chazdon, University of Minnesota Extension
    • Mary Emery, South Dakota State University
    • Debra A. Hansen, Washington State University Extension
    • Rebecca Sero, Washington State University Extension
    • Lorie Higgins, University of Idaho
  • 2017 Michael Dougherty, West Virginia University Extension Service

International Association of Community Development Ambassador Award

  • 2016 Randy Adams, Vice President of IACD, Past President of CDS and Former Director of the Rural Community Assistance Program