Outstanding Program Award

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Presented to a CDS member or a group in recognition of completion of superior programming that exemplifies and positively influences community development practice and has demonstrated sustained success. The award will recognize an established program that reflects the Principles of Good Practice throughout the implementation process.

  • Must be a current member of CDS; if the award is made to a team, at least one member of the team must be a current member of CDS
  • Overview and description of the program
  • Program implementation follows or applies CDS’ Principles of Good Practice
  • Program is meaningful to community development
  • Program has demonstrated sustained success
Past Outstanding Program Award Recipients:
  • 2018 University of Kentucky Extension Community & Leadership Development Training Series
  • 2017 Island Institute Fellows Program of Rockland Maine
  • 2016 The Futures Program of the University of Minnesota Extension
  • 2015 AIA Communities by Design
  • 2013 Stronger Economies Together
  • 2012 Community Development Council
  • 2010 Saving Our Grocery Stores, Saving Our Communities: K-State’s Rural Grocery Initiative
  • 2009 Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute
  • 2008 Center for Urban Studies, Buffalo, NY
  • 2007 University of Missouri Community Emergency Management Program
  • 2006 Linking Child Care and Economic Development, Mildred Warner
  • 2005 Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs’ MAPPING the Future of Your
  • 2004 Vision 2010 Partnership Program (AR)
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