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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront February 2014

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront February 2014

By Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

Why State Economic Development Strategies Should Be Metro-Centric

How the Daily Commute Hurts Civic Engagement

Rich, Poor, and Unequal Zip Codes

USDA’s Food Assistance Programs: Legacies of the War on Poverty

Food Insecurity in Households With Children: Prevalence, Severity, and Household Characteristics, 2010-11

Food Hubs: Sustainable Agriculture’s Missing Link

Why the Food Movement Must Focus on Raising Food Workers' Wages

Drought in the West Is Bringing Hard Times to Minority Farmers

America's Future Cities: Where The Youth Population Is Booming

America's Glass Half-Empty, or Half-Full?

Dynamic Redevelopment for Everyone

Where the Oil Boom Sounds the Loudest

Fracking Jobs Come with Costs, Paper Says

A "Pay-It-Forward" Approach to Funding Solar Power

Accommodating Floods Instead of Destroying Waterways

FCC to Launch Rural Broadband Trials

Blue-Collar Hot Spots

Rural Veterans At A Glance

Speak Your Piece: The Vanishing Postmaster

A Good-Bye to Norma Jean

Still 'Black and White and Read All Over'

Zapatista Communities Celebrate 20 Years of Self-Government

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January Charts of Note

January Charts of Note

Farm Estate Taxes Vary by Type of Family Farm

Which American Households Struggle to Put Food on the Table?

How long do food-insecure households remain food insecure?

Emerging Energy Industries Have Had Varied Impacts on Local Employment in Rural Areas

Small Family Farms Account for Most U.S. Farms and a Majority of Farm Assets

Minorities Represent a Lower Share of Rural Veterans than of the Rural Population

Rural High-Poverty Counties Are Concentrated in the South and Southwest

Poorest SNAP Households Least Likely to Get Additional Support from Unemployment Insurance

What Is “Very Low Food Security?”

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President's Update - Reducing Income Inequality: The Important Work of CDS Professionals

President's Update - Reducing Income Inequality: The Important Work of CDS Professionals

I was struck by a study that was released just a few days ago that noted the wealth gap between the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent is now the highest it has been in several decades.  The gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” has been on an upward trajectory for some time, so the most recent study adds more fuel to the perplexing problem that many communities in the U.S. are attempting to tackle today – be they located in urban, suburban or rural settings.  How can we place the socioeconomic well-being of people in communities on an upward track?  

No question about it, closing the gap in income inequality will require a long-term sustained effort.  However, it occurs to me that our CDS professionals are one of the best resources available to guide community activities and investments that seek to advance the well-being of all residents.  We do so, in part, by introducing and supporting economic development efforts that bring value and benefit to the entire community.  Moreover, we work to ensure that the voices of all people are honored when decisions about jobs and economic development strategies are decided.  No doubt about it, CDS members – researchers, Extension educators, practitioners, or policy analysts – are the right people to have at the table when it comes to pursuing evidenced-based approaches that serve as a roadmap on how to create wealth opportunities for the full array of people and communities in America. 

My hope is that some of these innovative, creative strategies will be showcased at our 2014 CDS annual meeting.  If you are a CDS member who has been engaged in efforts to reduce income inequality, please share your efforts with us.  Use the CDS blog to inform us of the good work you are doing.  In addition, plan to showcase your work at our annual meeting next July.  Take care!

Bo Beaulieu


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