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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront June 2014

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront June 2014

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University

5 Innovative Tech Solutions for Civic Disengagement

You Can't Just Throw Money at Community Development

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers and the Agricultural Act of 2014

Consumers Devote a Higher Share of Food Spending to Fruits and Vegetables in Supermarkets Than In Supercenters

Speak Your Piece: At the End of the Line

Speak Your Piece: Dry Your Eyes, Revitalize

Do Old Buildings Contribute to Economic Vitality?

"These Empty Buildings – It’s Opportunity"

How Green is My Neighborhood? Let Me Count the Ways

New Urbanism's Impact on Mid-Sized and Smaller Cities

Community Gardens as Harbingers of Gentrification

How the Family Farm Stole My Sense of Self—For the Better

Farmers and Foodies: A Conversation

Let’s Get Creative: Creative-Class Counties

Protesters' Delay Tactics Can Stall Extraction Projects

Will the World’s Emerging Megacities Turn the Corner? For Most of Them, Probably Not

From Jurisdictional to Functional Analysis of Urban Cores & Suburbs

Suburban Poverty Case Study: Cobb County, Georgia

"Black Women’s Blueprint" Helps Low-Income Women Get By—Through Bartering

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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront April 2014

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront April 2014

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University

Get Intersectional! (Or, Why Your Movement Can't Go It Alone)

Poverty and Deep Poverty Increasing in Rural America

Where Inequality Is Worst In The United States

USDA: Recent Population Change

Housing is the Key to Family-Friendly Cities

Speak Your Piece: A Dwelling Place

'Living Innovation Zones' Transform Public Space in San Francisco

These Little Hacks Make Cities More Sustainable And Fun

Focusing on People, Not Sprawl

The Part-Time, Freelance, Collaborative Economy

Direct-Farm Sales May Boost Local Growth

America's New Brainpower Cities

After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi's Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

Finding Big Success in a Small Town

'Sometimes a Great Notion': Sink or Swim

Video: Can Co-Ops Curb Poverty In New York City?

5 Habits of Companies that Rock at Giving Back

Concentrated Wealth or Democracy, but Not Both


  Occasional Paper: Toward an Epistemological Foundation for Social and Solidarity Economy


  Occasional Paper: Social and Solidarity Economy: Between Emancipation and Reproduction


  Occasional Paper: Understanding Social and Solidarity Economy in Emergent Communities: Lessons from Post–Fast Track Land Reform Farms in Mazowe, Zimbabwe


  Social and Solidarity Economy: A New Path to Sustainable Development (Beyond 2015 Brief No. 5)


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February Charts of Note

February Charts of Note

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs


Many Federal Food Assistance Programs Rooted in the War on Poverty

Direct Government Payments to Producers as a Share of Gross Cash Farm Income (GCFI) Have Fallen in Recent Years

Fruit and Vegetable Prices Respond Differently to Oil Price Increases Based on Shipping Route and Carrier

Agriculture and Its Related Industries Provide 9.2 Percent of U.S. Employment

Incomes fell For U.S. Families in All Income Groups between 2007 and 2012

The Conservation Reserve Program Is Regionally Concentrated

Food Insecurity among Children Linked to Educational Attainment of Adult Household Members

Working-Age Adults Ate Fewer Meals, Snacks, and Calories Away From Home Following the 2007-09 Recession

Rural Veterans More Likely to Graduate from High School and Obtain College Degrees

Crop Acreage Has Shifted to Larger Farms

WIC Program Benefits from Large Rebates on Infant Formula 

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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront February 2014

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront February 2014

By Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

Why State Economic Development Strategies Should Be Metro-Centric

How the Daily Commute Hurts Civic Engagement

Rich, Poor, and Unequal Zip Codes

USDA’s Food Assistance Programs: Legacies of the War on Poverty

Food Insecurity in Households With Children: Prevalence, Severity, and Household Characteristics, 2010-11

Food Hubs: Sustainable Agriculture’s Missing Link

Why the Food Movement Must Focus on Raising Food Workers' Wages

Drought in the West Is Bringing Hard Times to Minority Farmers

America's Future Cities: Where The Youth Population Is Booming

America's Glass Half-Empty, or Half-Full?

Dynamic Redevelopment for Everyone

Where the Oil Boom Sounds the Loudest

Fracking Jobs Come with Costs, Paper Says

A "Pay-It-Forward" Approach to Funding Solar Power

Accommodating Floods Instead of Destroying Waterways

FCC to Launch Rural Broadband Trials

Blue-Collar Hot Spots

Rural Veterans At A Glance

Speak Your Piece: The Vanishing Postmaster

A Good-Bye to Norma Jean

Still 'Black and White and Read All Over'

Zapatista Communities Celebrate 20 Years of Self-Government

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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront January 2014

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront January 2014

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director at the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs


Obama Names 2 Rural “Promise Zones”

The Wicked Problem of Urban Biodiversity

Should Planners Encourage Diverse Neighborhoods?

Urbanization Has Been Destroying the Environment since the Very First Cities

The Abuse of Art in Economic Development

An Uneasy Truce: The War on Poverty

JFK’s Rural Development Legacy

“Picked Off Like a Single Quail”

Farm Policy Made the Republic: Now What?

Philly’s New Land Bank: Will It Give Blighted Communities a Boost?

Veggies at the Liquor Store—and 5 Other Ways to Bring Food to Your Community

Political, Economic Power Grow More Concentrated

Rural Character in America’s Metropolitan Areas

To Rebuild, the Midwest Must Face Its Real and Severe Problems

Fighting the Vacant Property Plague

Where Are the Boomers Headed? Not Back to the City

This Land Is Ours: African Americans and the Great Outdoors

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November Charts of Note

November Charts of Note

Persistence of poverty varies across the U.S.

Multiple-operator farms are prevalent among large and very large family farms

Children accounted for 45 percent of SNAP participants in 2011

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Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront November 2013

Community Development Headlines - CDS UpFront November 2013

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

Civic Tech and Mobile Engagement 2.0

Rural Unemployment Down, but So Is Workforce

The Aging of Rural Primary Care Physicians

America's Fastest-Growing Counties: The 'Burbs Are Back

10 Traits of 'Globally Fluent' Cities

A Year After Sandy, a Co-op Alliance Could Bring Jobs Back to the Rockaways

Density, Unpacked: Is Creative Class Theory a Front for Real Estate Greed?

Lessons from a Pay-It-Forward Restaurant: The Importance of Gratitude

Moment of roof: Urban farming entrepreneur explains how he got on top

Who Is Adopting Organic Farming Practices?

Creating Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities: Strategies for Advancing Smart Growth, Environmental Justice, and Equitable Development

The Economy of Smallness: Making Economic Exchange a Loving Human Interaction

Route 7: A Real Country Music Highway

Sedan, Kansas: A Town that Invests in Itself

Main Street Comeback: How Independent Stores are Thriving

Southern Survival: On the Gulf Coast, a Community Fights for Its Life

Effects of Changes in SNAP Benefits on Food Security

Where Are The Boomers Headed? Not Back To The City

The Cycles of Wind Power Development

Financing Young and Beginning Farmers

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10 Reasons to Contribute to Vanguard

10 Reasons to Contribute to Vanguard

We are always looking for interesting stories, highlights, and events to share with our CDS membership. But, if that's not enough to compel you to contribute to Vanguard here are 10 additional reasons why you should send me your ideas and articles:

  1. CDS members will get to know who you are - Who doesn't want recognition for their work and projects? Brag a little!
  2. Your ideas seem really important - Hey, it was in Vanguard, right? Must be super important...
  3. We all benefit from sharing - Good ideas begat good ideas.
  4. It gives you an opportunity to start your CDS blog - Good for your development as a thought leader and good for the SEO of the CDS website. Win, win!
  5. You can link back to your website - More SEO
  6. More stuff to post on your social media - Who doesn't need more original content?
  7. Sharing upcoming events = More attendance - Events with more exposure get more attendance. Tell us about your special event.
  8. We get to know your project/organization - Who better to tell us about your organization or project than you!?!
  9. Vanguard will be more robust - Diversity helps our publication. We want to hear from you!
  10. You are wonderful - You are doing great things and I want to celebrate you. So go ahead and share!


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Community Development Headlines - October CDS UpFront

Community Development Headlines - October CDS UpFront


Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs


New Study: American Women Are Dying Younger than Their Moms

Computer Use Increases at Rural Libraries

Nonmetro Poverty Increased in 2012

What Is a Place Without the People?

What Can We Learn from Five Principles of People and Place

California’s New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude

Are Americans Dumb? No, It's the Inequality, Stupid

Reducing the Rural Dropout Rate

Speak Your Piece: Death of a Hospital

Decaying Malls Struggle to Find Niche

Mesabi Range: Land of the Sleeping Giant

The United (Watershed) States of America

America's Fastest-Growing Counties: The 'Burbs Are Back

Driving Alone Dominates 2007-2012 Commuting Trend

A Cartoonist's Vision of a Car-Free Future

Teaching Urban Lessons from Rural Landscapes

What’s Fairer than Fair Trade? Try Direct Trade With Cocoa Farmers

Welcome to Commonomics: How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough for Everyone

Community Development Banks: Enabling Access to Finance for Poor Communities

Nation’s First Non-Profit Supermarket Opens in Chester, PA, a Food Desert for 12 Years

The UK’s Most Infamous ‘New Town’ Pioneers a Food System Revolution

Kenyan Businesswomen Transforming Slum Economies through Complementary Currencies


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President's Update - Hopes for Congressional Lemonade

President's Update - Hopes for Congressional Lemonade

I write this note at a time when our country is facing some serious challenges.  As a result of ideological differences in Congress most federal agencies are closed and the debate about the raising of our national debt continues strong.  While I do not intend to enter into the political fray over the 2014 federal budget or the debt ceiling, I do believe what we represent in CDS is the antithesis of what we see happening in Washington, DC.   Certainly, many of us have worked in communities where deep-seeded differences among local factions have paralyzed the capacity of communities to act on key priorities.  But our training and experiences have provided us with skills and processes to help local people find common ground – to realize the great heights that communities can achieve when people and groups decide to work together to advance the long-term well-being of their communities.   I often think of the work that Ron Hustedde and his colleagues pursued several years ago titled “Turning Lemons into Lemonade” that was intended to help mediate community conflicts.   Let’s hope Congress soon will begin to produce lemonade!

On a less serious note, I would like to let you know that under the leadership of Tony Gauvin and his committee, we are finalizing the contract with the firm that will be revising our CDS website.  I want to thank Tony and his CDS committee members for the many hours they spent securing and reviewing applications and for finalizing the contract with the firm that was chosen. You will see the fruits of their labor in the next few months as major improvements in the CDS website are realized. 

Finally, the “Save the Date” information regarding the 2014 CDS annual conference is now posted on the CDS website.  Please make plans to join us on July 20-23 in Dubuque, IA to take part in an exciting program.  Keep an eye on the website since the “call for proposals” for participation in the meeting is slated to be released soon.  Please let me know if you have anything you would like to have the CDS Board address at its upcoming fall face-to-face meeting scheduled for November 8-9.  My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Thanks!!



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Charts of Note - October

Charts of  Note - October

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs


Unavailable because of government shutdown


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August CDS Up Front

August CDS Up Front

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs


The Diminishing Returns of Large Cities: Population Growth Myths

"Renegade Gardener" Plots World Domination Through Home-Grown Veggies

America's Engineering Hubs: The Cities With The Greatest Capacity For Innovation

Aspirational Cities: U.S. Cities That Offer Both Jobs and Culture Are Mostly Southern and Modest Sized

How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness

Cities Launch Anti-Poverty Centers

Critical Access Hospitals: What's the Fuss?

A Caring Economy Requires Building Bridges-Not Burning Them

What the U.S. Can Learn from Africa's Booming Economy

This Is What It Looks Like When A School Becomes A Community Hub

E-Shopping Bubbling While Retail Bums Along

Small-Town Main Streets Go Mobile

Better than Cyber Utopia: How the Internet Helped Us Create the Sharing Economy

Like Shopping at Local Businesses? Now You Can Invest in Them, Too

7 Co-ops That Are Changing Our Economy

Why Sharing News About Solutions is a Revolutionary Act

America's Emerging Housing Crisis

Is the "Rust Belt" a Dirty Word?

Return of Industry Brings First Ever Trail-to-Rail Conversion in Michigan

Should Uncle Sam Chase a Scandinavian Model?

Joining a Rural Community: Why It Takes Years to Be Accepted

Why the Music of Protest Is Still Worth Defending

Now There Are CSAs for Art

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