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Community Development Society Annual Conference


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Community Development Society Annual Business Meeting


·        The Community Development Society provides an annual business meeting for the members of CDS as well as members of the general public. Members can participate in the meeting. This year the meeting will be 100% online. This meeting will be recorded.

·        Meeting Date/Time

Community Development Society Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday July 14, 2020

Start Time: 6am PDT/8am Central/9am EDT

Approximate End Time: 8am PDT/10am Central/9am EDT

·        Attendees should access the zoom webinar 15 minutes before the meeting. It is expected that the meeting shall take a total time of 2 hours.

·        IT-Brian Suggs shall manage the technical aspects/Eric Trevan will be the Meeting Coordinator (MC) and manage membership participation.

Attend the Meeting

·        In order to attend the meeting, member and panelists/speakers must RSVP for the meeting. Members may participate, in the meeting at the MC’s discretion, while the general public can participate in a view only manner via Facebook live. The meeting will be a webinar format which allows members to participate via Q&A sessions and hand raising. ALL RSVP’s ARE DUE BY 5PM PDT FRIDAY JULY 10, 2020! RSVP’s shall include name and email. In addition, the general public will be required to provide a phone number, address and brief description of interest in CDS.

o   Panelist/Speakers

§  A panelist registration link will be e-mailed to CDS speakers on Friday July 3, 2020, Monday July 6, 2020 and Thursday July 9, 2020.  Panelists must RSVP so we can verify participation and set up a technical consult to verify each speaker is prepared for the Zoom presentation.

§  A practice session will be coordinated with all panelists/speakers on Friday July 10, 2020. An email will be sent with a more specific time as well as more information on  how to join the practice session

o   CDS Members (Active and in Good Standing)

§  A registration link will be e-mailed to CDS members on Friday July 3, 2020, Monday July 6, 2020 and Thursday July 9, 2020.  Members must RSVP so we can check your information with our current CDS membership list. ALL RSVP’s ARE DUE BY 5PM PST FRIDAY JULY 10, 2020!

§  Please use the following link to RSVP

§  After registering and CDS approval, a secure link will be sent to the email on the RSVP-CDS reserves the right to remove anyone from the meeting for any reason inconsistent with the purpose of the meeting.

§  Participation shall be through the “hand raise” function and at the discretion of the CDS webinar host and co-host’s.

o   General Public

§  The general public will be able to join via a live stream on Facebook. A link to the live stream will be posted on the CDS Facebook page when the Webinar starts


§  Information will be placed on the CDS website ( informing for the general public to watch Facebook for the live stream post



·        Please use these contacts to reach out for any questions, comments and/or concerns. As you are aware, it will be difficult to answer questions the day of the CDS Annual Business Meeting.

o   Please refer all specific webinar technical questions to Brian Suggs (call/text) 888-873-7380 at

o   Please refer all meeting questions to Eric S. Trevan, Ph.D. at (call/text) 888-873-7380

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