Featured in CDS Finest 2017 Profile Series on Sep 7, 2017

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Name: Cornel Cornel Hart
What I am working on:
What I am working on: 1) National Survey and literature review for the amendment of the Supervision Policy Framework to include all Social Service Practitioners AND also an M&E guide with tools for roll-out from 2018 onward.
2) Amendments Social Services Practitioners Bill, Act and Policies to become all inclusive - thus including all community development practitioners as part of Professional social service practitioners.
3) Curriculum Development facilitation with 11 universities to soon offer the Professional NQF Level 8 Bachelor Community Development 4-year degree.
4) RPL tools development for Community Development Workers and Assistant Community Development Workers
5) Review of Community Development Curriculum at NQF levels 4 & 5
6) Development of assessment standards and criteria for the three professional Community Development Qualifications
My Achievements
My Achievements: Humbled and honored to have received the Inaugural International Community Development Practice Award -
2017 from CDS. I did not make the journey alone. I am forever grateful to all my fellow Community Development Practitioners (CDPs) whose paths I have crossed the past 27 years - especially the communities who have taught and shaped me to become the person and practitioner that I am today. I honor, too, the endurance, patience, courageous efforts and unconditional sacrifices by by communities and practitioners in fulfilling a vision towards improved quality of life and sustainable wellbeing for all. May we all continue will our efforts, work together and nurture as well as support each other to help grow Community Development Practice.
Work experience / Education
Work experience / Education: Education: PhD: A Micro Model for Community Level Wellbeing Measurement. Masters in Research Methodology - specialising in Programme Evaluation at Stellenbosch University.
Work Experience: I have been the owner of a development, management and research consultancy since 1999 and assisted several African country cabinets, departments, parastatals and private companies with research, project design, management, evaluation (PCM). I have provided extensive training in PCM, Logical Frameworks and Research Methodology since 1996 at all levels; from community based organizations to directors level of corporate entities as well has national public sector departments of several African countries. This training and lecturing has since 2012 also been extended, on request, to several higher education institutions’ (HEIs) on an annual basis; especially with regard to partnership formulation, community engagement and, most recently, HEI research alignment with the NDP: Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.
Area's of Practice
Area(s) of Practice:
Area's of Interest
Area(s) of Interest: