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Jane's Jottings - March 2020 Notes from the CDS Board Chair

Community Development & COVID-19; July Annual Conference Still Planned

Dear CDS Members:

All over the world as we confront the realities of COVID-19, we find ourselves in an amazing paradox: an uncertain time of self-imposed isolation and social distancing and yet also one of tremendous community spirit. Truly together as one united world community, we seek "to flatten the curve"  of the virus's scope and speed, especially to help those persons in the higher risk categories. 

It's a case study in rapid crisis-induced community development unfolding right in front of our faces (which we cannot touch ;-)

In that spirit, and in these times, I direct your attention to the reporting in the March Vanguard from our 2020 Annual Conference Local Host Committee colleagues in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. At this time, we are NOT pulling the plug on the July annual gathering. Conference registration is open, as are the lodging reservations.

We are closely monitoring local, state and federal updates as to COVID-19 mitgation efforts and advice. The Local Host Team is in regular contact with the host hotel (The Radisson) and the dorm lodging folks as well.

We will keep everyone posted. Check the conference FAQs and website for updates, as well as updates directly to CDS members that would land in your email boxes.

Please note that the conference registration cancellation policy allows for full refunds of the conference registration fee before June 26, and the lodging reservations at discounted rates do not close until June 11. So we still have time to wait the virus out.

If all of us do our part wherever we live, to "flatten the curve" on COVID-19 over the next two months, we anticipate that July in Fargo will see the 52nd CDS Annual International Conference happening as scheduled, July 12-15. We're optimistic, and we are realistic. Stay tuned.

Be well, stay well!

--Jane Leonard, CDS Board Chair 2019-2020


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