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Community Development Headlines - September CDS UpFront

Compiled by Timothy Collins, Assistant Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

Featured Stories

Rivers Are People, Too


In August of last year, the Whanganui River gained its citizenship. Under New Zealand law, the third-longest river in the country will be recognized as a person “in the same way a company is, which will give it rights and interests,” according to a spokesman for the Minister of Treaty Negotiations. This is the first time a legal identity has been conferred on a single river, though in 2008 Ecuador passed a similar rule to give its forests, lakes, and waterways rights on par with humans in order to ensure protection from harmful practices...

Painting Petros, One Portrait at a Time

A visual artist teaches himself to paint by capturing the images of the people in his small, East Tennessee town. More than a decade later, the project continues to give the community a new vision of itself...

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