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10 Reasons to Contribute to Vanguard

We are always looking for interesting stories, highlights, and events to share with our CDS membership. But, if that's not enough to compel you to contribute to Vanguard here are 10 additional reasons why you should send me your ideas and articles:

  1. CDS members will get to know who you are - Who doesn't want recognition for their work and projects? Brag a little!
  2. Your ideas seem really important - Hey, it was in Vanguard, right? Must be super important...
  3. We all benefit from sharing - Good ideas begat good ideas.
  4. It gives you an opportunity to start your CDS blog - Good for your development as a thought leader and good for the SEO of the CDS website. Win, win!
  5. You can link back to your website - More SEO
  6. More stuff to post on your social media - Who doesn't need more original content?
  7. Sharing upcoming events = More attendance - Events with more exposure get more attendance. Tell us about your special event.
  8. We get to know your project/organization - Who better to tell us about your organization or project than you!?!
  9. Vanguard will be more robust - Diversity helps our publication. We want to hear from you!
  10. You are wonderful - You are doing great things and I want to celebrate you. So go ahead and share!


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