Discover the District

The district is an 11 by 5 block area of downtown Columbia adjacent to the University of Missouri. It includes an eclectic mix of entertainment, hotels, services, restaurants shopping and more.

North Village Art District

North Village Art District is located on the northern edge of downtown Columbia and is home to art and dance studios, galleries, and a mix of shops and restaurants. If you stay at "The Broadway" in downtown Columbia, the North Village Arts District will be in your backyard!

Shelter Gardens

Shelter Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden located just a few minute drive west of downtown Columbia on the campus of Shelter Insurance.

Stephens Lake Park

Located just a few blocks east of downtown Columbia, Stephens Lake Park is a nice place to get away for a few minutes to enjoy a walk or jog around the park, do a little fishing or simply rest and enjoy the scenery.

Rock Bridge State Park

Rock Bridge State Park is a beautiful place to visit if you have a morning or afternoon free. It is just a few miles south of downtown Columbia that has hiking, biking and riding trails that can connect you to the beauty of central Missouri.

Katie Trail

The Katie Trail is 475-mile bike trail that runs east and west across central Missouri. Columbia, Missouri is not directly on the Katie Trail but it can be accessed from downtown. It is a nice ride from Columbia to Rocheport, MO and/or the A-Frame. It’s not a short trip but it can be fun to bike to Rocheport, meet friends for a glass of wine at the A-frame and have them give you (and your bikes) a lift back in to Columbia!

The A-Frame and Les Bourgeois Vineyards

Les Bourgeois vineyards is located about 15 minutes West of Columbia on Interstate 70 on a bluff overlooking the Missouri river and just minutes away from historic downtown Rocheport, MO. The A-Frame is rustic outdoor destination that is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Missouri wine and take in the beautiful scenery overlooking the Missouri river.


Rocheport is a beautiful small town of fewer that 200 people located on the banks of the Missouri river about 15 miles west of Columbia. It has a number of historic properties and access to the Katie Trail.