Mobile Learning Workshops

Monday afternoon, June 12

Montana offers a unique opportunity to explore how people and organizations work together to improve communities and impact the lives of people. You will be able experience this first hand on the Mobile Learning Workshops. The workshops offer opportunities to try new experiences, engage with people across a wide range of topics and learn from those in Montana who are making it a great place to live.

1 - Brewery Tour: Developing the Economy One Pint at a Time - Local breweries have become an integral piece of the experience of Montana and are a cultural attraction for many tourists visiting Montana. This workshop will visit two local Big Sky breweries, Beehive Basin and Lone Peak where they each brewery will discuss how they contribute to the local community and are helping to positively impact the lives of those who live and work in Big Sky. During the tour of each brewery, you’ll learn about their perspectives on community development, which include providing in-kind donations and sponsorships, but also such things as working with the Chamber of Commerce on employment issues. This workshop costs $10, which includes food at the second brewery. For an extra on-site fee, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste the best of Big Sky beer. This workshop will use a school bus for the 15-minute drive into Big Sky. The workshop is scheduled to be approximately 4 hours long.

Cost: $10.00

Participants: 5-40

2 - Business Marketing: Operating the Largest Ski Resort in the United States - Workshop attendees will take a behind-the- scenes tour of the business and marketing operations responsible for promoting Big Sky Resort – The Biggest Skiing in America ( You will hear from marketing and business executives, learn about the factors that go into marketing the resort, impacts the marketing efforts have had on the resort’s business, and much more. This workshop will remain onsite and is scheduled to be approximately 2.5 hours long.

Cost: $0.00

Participants: 1-50

3 - Culture and Community in Big Sky: Arts Council - Come tour the vibrant art community of Big Sky, where arts are viewed as an integral piece of community and economic development. Learn how the Arts Council of Big Sky ( supports a wide-range of activities throughout the year, including theater in the local schools, a radio lab, and Shakespeare in the Park. This workshop will begin at the Center Stage located with the Town Center Park. Following this, you’ll have the opportunity to take a walking tour of local art galleries and a ceramic studio located in the beautiful downtown Big Sky. Next, we’ll head to the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, where you’ll hear about the funding the Arts Council receives from the local economic development council, as well as their programming and community work. Finally, we’ll end the afternoon with an art party, where you will have the op portunity to make a small piece of art with a local artist and enjoy light refreshments. The fee for the workshop is $45, which covers the art materials and refreshments for the art party. To save on cost, this workshop will use a school bus for the 15-minute drive into Big Sky. This workshop is scheduled to be approximately 4.5 hours long.

Cost: $45.00

Participants: 5-30

4 - Leadership and Team-Building: Negotiating a Ropes Course and Zip Line - Are you ready for a thrilling and challenging adventure? The Big Sky high ropes course and zip line tour will get your adrenaline pumping as you improve leadership and communication skills by working individually and as a team. This is an opportunity to explore more of the Big Sky Resort while taking in great views of Lone Mountain and the Spanish Peak mountains. You will soar or be suspended between 30-150 feet above the forest floor. To learn more, visit do/summer-activities/high-ropes-course. This workshop is scheduled to be approximately 3 hours long.

Cost: $70.00

Participants: 24 max.

5 - Local Food: Reuniting Montana Agriculture with People's Tables - The Gallatin Valley is home to a vibrant local food scene where farm to table is a way of life. Area communities are developing sustainable food systems that promote public health, agriculture, food security, and main street economics. On this tour you will see, taste, and hear how local farmers and ranchers engage with local nonprofits, schools, and businesses to put their products on family tables, food bank shelves, student lunch trays, and restaurant menus. Participants will enjoy a farm tour and discussion with growers, producers, buyers, and organizers. A small afternoon meal made with the season's tastiest ingredients will be provided with the $20 cost of the workshop. This workshop will use a charter bus to travel to Bozeman, MT, which will take approximately 60 minutes each way. Including travel time, this workshop is scheduled to be approximately 5.5 hours long.

Cost: $20.00

Participants: 5-28

6 - Outdoor Adventure under the Big Sky: The Role of Public Land and Its Social, Economic and Environmental Impact on Western Communities - This workshop will combine a ride up the Big Sky ski lift to gain spectacular views of the Big Sky community and surrounding National Forest, with a discussion on public lands policy and the role public lands play in the western states. Experts from the US Forest Service and public land policy analysts will share the complicated history of western community’s relationship with the landscape and how it has evolved over time. Members of the Big Sky Community Organization, a local nonprofit, will discuss their efforts to connect their community to the public lands by investing in and maintaining a vibrant trails system. Come prepared to experience springtime in Montana while enjoying this outing. Expect sun, rain and/or snow and dress in layers, bring gloves, sturdy walking shoes and rain gear. This workshop costs $15, which includes a snack and a beverage. Be sure to save your Big Sky Resort complimentary lift ticket to use for the workshop, which you’ll receive when you check in! This workshop is scheduled to be approximately 3.5 hours long.

Cost: $15.00

Participants: 5-30

7 - Yellowstone National Park: 144 Years of Tourism Development - Participants in this workshop will travel to Yellowstone National Park ( to see several attractions near Old Faithful. You will meet with Park staff to learn about the operations of the park and issues related to community relations, along with benefits and challenges that come with hosting more than 3 million tourists and visitors to the 3,468 square mile park each year. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to explore the nearby natural and cultural attractions of the area, including the highly predictable geothermal feature, which erupts approximately every 44 to 125 minutes. You will also have the chance to see the nearby Old Faithful Inn, an example of the "Golden Age" of rustic resort architecture built in 1903 using locally obtained materials, including lodgepole pine and rhyolite stone, which is part of the Old Faithful Historic District. The cost of this workshop is $50, which covers the national park’s entrance fee. The workshop will use a charter bus to travel to Yellowstone National Park, which will take approximately 90 minutes each way. Including travel time, this workshop is scheduled to be approximately 6.5 hours long.

Cost: $50.00

Participants: 5-48

8 - Therapeutic Recreation: Fly Fishing Through a Nonprofit and Manufactural Lens - Fly fishing has a rich history within the rivers of this beautiful state and has become part of Montana culture. Join us as we explore two different perspectives of the sport during this Mobile Learning Workshop. We will begin our the workshop at Simms Fishing Products, world renowned fishing product manufacturer that continues to take the fishing market by storm with a trained eye on fisheries conservation and inspired product development of the world's premier technical fishing apparel, footwear, and equipment. Then, we will head to Quiet Waters Ranch, located at the base of the beautiful Bridger Mountains. Owned and run by the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation (, the 112 acre property is using an innovative therapeutic approach to work with wounded veterans through fly fishing excursions. You will have the opportunity to go on a walking tour of the ranch and see firsthand its design and functionality. For the final portion, you will have the option to receive fly fishing lessons in one of the ranch’s lakes from a local guide. This part of the workshop is limited to the first 16 attendees. If fly fishing isn’t your style, you will be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility in one of the ranch’s many areas to relax or go on a longer self-guided walking tour of the ranch. If you choose to receive fly fishing lessons, the cost of the workshop is $50; otherwise, there is no additional fee. The workshop will use a charter bus to travel to Bozeman, MT, which will take approximately 60 minutes each way. Including travel time, this workshop is scheduled to be approximately 6 hours long.

Cost: $50.00 for Fly Fishing

Additional participants no cost

Participants: 16 for Fly Fishing

Additional: 32 w/o Fly Fishing

All mobile workshops are complimentary unless otherwise noted. Workshops are only open to registered conference attendees at this time. If you have family/guests that would like to also attend please contact Lisa Kirr, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (614-228- 4715) after April 15 th.

Registrations will be accepted on a first-come/first- serve basis. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if there is limited participation.