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The Community Development Society furthers community work through teaching, practice, and research. CDS provides those who do community work with best practices, networking opportunities, tools, and other resources.

CD Practice

CD Practice is a web-based publication of the Community Development Society. It presents innovative approaches, tools, and techniques that can be readily applied by community development practitioners. Select issues of CD Practice are also published in the Practice Section of the Journal of the Community Development Society.

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  • Issue - No. 19~2013
    Conducting Virtual Facilitated Discussions
    Date Spring 2013
  • Issue- No. 18~2012
    You Get What You Measure: A Process to Determine and Measure Progress in Community Development
    Date February 2012
  • Issue- No. 17~2011
    The New use of Social Networking in Community Development
    Date May 2011
  • Issue- No. 14~2006
    Creating Business Networks
    Authors: Terry Besser, Nancy Miller, Peter Korsching, Bridget Diamond Welch
    Date September 2006
  • Issue No. 13 ~2006
    Using Community Capitals to Build Assets for Positive Community Change
    Authors: Mary Emery, Susan Fey, and Cornelia Flora
    Date: June 2006
  • Issue No.12~2006
    Values, Operational Principles, and Models for Universities to Follow While Implementing Development Programs in Diverse, Rural Communities
    Author: Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.
    Date: May 2006
    Note: All issues are pdf files, except for Issues #10 and #11. To print Issues #10 and #11 in their entirety in IE, please click File>Print>Options>check box for "print all linked documents"
  • Issue No. 11~2006
    Entrepreneurial Facilitation: Approaches for Boosting Entrepreneurship in Local Economic Development
    Authors: Eric A Scorsone and Kathleen Powers
    Date: January 2006

PAST ISSUES (pdf files require Acrobat Reader)

  • #9 - Strategic Partnering: Partnering for Change - by Connie Coley Loden
  • #8 - Capturing the Character of Rural Communities through Tourism Development - by Connie Coley Loden with Ariana Svenson
  • #7 - Large Group Interventions for Whole System Participation, Development and Change-by Mary Simon Leuci
  • #6 - Building Community and Commitment to the Future: The Search Conference - by Barbara Coe and Elaine Granatta
  • #5 - Analyzing Local Markets - by David Darling
  • #4 - Force-Field Analysis: Incorporating Critical Thinking in Goal Setting - by Ron Hustedde and Michael Score
  • #3 - Taking Action: Community Development Strategies and Tactics - by Bernie Jones
  • #2 - Community Development and Business Location Decision Making - by Robert Blair
  • #1 - Community Issues Gathering: A Tool for Resolving Controversy - by Ron Hustedde

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to CD Practice, please contact:

Joyce Hoelting, CD Practice Editor
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